30 Year Old Dreams

The Summer of 1986

Do you remember where you were?

For me, the memories of that time come back fast and easy. I was a cashier at Waldbaum’s Supermarket in Hauppauge, NY, enjoying my last carefree summer before college.  I spent my days off at the beach getting sun burned or freckled and most of my nights were spent dancing or playing tennis, except of course when Bryan Adams played at the Nassau Coliseum (you know I was there).  That was 30 years ago and it’s all still clear as day. I can remember what I was wearing, what I ordered when we went out to eat and even some of the phone numbers of the friends I called every day.

What gives me pause is trying to remember what my dreams were back then. What did I want out of life or what was I hoping to achieve?

Other than meeting Bryan Adams, becoming famous or getting noticed by the cute guy that stocked the shelves at Waldbaum’s, it’s really hard to remember my dreams.  (I think his last name was Crowley btw)

Do you remember what you were dreaming about 30 years ago?  Did you have clear goals or know exactly what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I know some people did, but not me.

The closest thing to clarity about my future was what I told relatives or family friends who asked “So … what are you going to study in college? or “What are you planning to do?”   The canned answer was Journalism, but inside I thought “who the heck knows!!”. I wonder if they noticed the lack of conviction.

Honestly, I was doing such a great job of living in the moment that I wasn’t worrying about my future or making sure I was taking all the right steps for my 5 year plan.  I knew I was going to college and I was able to allow that to be all I needed to know at the time.

Somehow that 17 year old girl wasn’t afraid of uncertainty and as irresponsible as that may sound, I am so proud of her!

My dreams really had nothing to do with my career back then.  I just wasn’t one of those people who woke up at 11 knowing exactly what my purpose was. It took me a while and a bit of a winding path to finally recognize what I’m good at, and what I can offer in the way of value to the world.  In my 30s that made me feel a bit undirected or lacking in focus or drive but at the time there was nothing, other than my children that stirred the kind of enthusiasm that I saw in others with purpose.  Looking back I realize that my children were my #1 purpose, and that family and love will always be the most important purpose I have.

I do believe we all have a contribution to make to the world and a dream that stirs the brilliant passion within us.

Following that dream and releasing that passion brings out our true magnificence. You may not know it today, and that’s ok. It will come when you are ready and open to it.  The challenge is to stay present and in joy until that day comes. At 17 that might be easier than at 47 but it still works the same. The more authentic we can be in each moment, enjoying life and appreciating all that we have, the more purposeful and fulfilling it will be .. simply to be alive.

Today, my purpose, outside of loving my loved ones until they cringe, is to help others rekindle their 30 year old dreams, believe in themselves and the power of the Universe to deliver anything they can imagine.


Note:  thank you to everyone who “lived in the moment” of the CIHS 30 Year Reunion this past weekend. It was wonderful to recapture our youthful ability to celebrate together! Wishing you all Great Joy!   

Classmates from the CIHS Class of 1986.

Classmates from the CIHS Class of 1986.



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