It's not all Salad and Plain Chicken!

Join Us for a 21 day excursion to eat well, feel satisfied and get Back​​​​​ on Track!

Are You Ready to Enjoy Food That Works For You?

Why You’ll Love this Cleanse

We promise you will eat and eat well on the Back on Track Cleanse. You’ll feel full and satisfied and still shed unwanted weight. And not just because of the variety of foods offered to you. This food based cleanse has very few restrictions on HOW MUCH you can eat.

After removing the junk and filling you up with the right foods that work with your unique body, there’s no need to be super restrictive on portions.

You can banish that dreaded image of a plain skinless chicken breast sitting on your plate with a few lonely pieces of broccoli. The Back on Track Cleanse is anything but bland.

pesto chicken plated
clean eating salad

21 Days of eating pure
nourishing food can give you:

  • check
    Increased Energy
  • check
    Fewer Cravings
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    Better Mood
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    Clearer Skin
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    Better Digestion

How the Cleanse Works

  • Carefully selected whole foods that balance blood sugar and promote cleansing (real food)
  • Simple shopping lists, meal plans and delicious recipes that make it easy and stress free to eat well.
  • Webinars and online forum to keep you motivated and on track
  • Supervision from a Certified Health Coach so you can have professional support

What's Included? 

The Back on Track Cleanse is a program that gives you all the guidance and support you need to have a successful cleansing experience.

You Receive:

  • Cleanse Instructions and Guidelines so you know when to start, how to prepare and what to make.
  • Delicious and Simple Cleanse Recipes (over 50) so you don't get bored or feel deprived AND .. don't feel overwhelmed by complicated meal prep.
  • Educational Webinars on Deconstructing Cravings, Food Sensitivities and Sugar Addiction so you can learn how to address your consistency killers for the long term!
  • The support of a cleanse expert, who has been guiding people through nutritional cleanses for over 10 years.

PLUS! Camaraderie, sharing, accountability and cheering in a private Facebook group.

The Menu

Your Cleanse Menu can be as simple as Protein and Vegetables or you can use the Cleanse Recipe Guide to create delicious combinations of natural, whole foods to make your cleansing experience feel like an indulgence!

What Our Cleansers Say...

The difference I felt within 3 days of starting the Back on Track Cleanse was awesome. Leaving out the foods I normally would eat was not a big deal, I was not missing them. I don’t have that 3:00 energy slump any more that used to hit me like a brick wall. I was surprised that I had that get-go feeling in the morning and all day long. I was not expecting this big of a difference.

- Amy

Social Worker

Not only was the Cleanse a time where I was able to finally experience being well, but it was the beginning of a lifestyle change for me. I have known that I have an issue with sugar for a while, but participating in the Cleanse showed me just how much sugar was affecting me, and how great i could feel without it. I no longer craved sweet things. I fed my body to nourish it, not to try and control my emotions. I felt empowered by the support group who banded together during the Cleanse, sharing recipes, asking and responding to questions, sharing our struggles and most importantly our triumphs! The Back on Track Cleanse gave me the push I needed to experience the change I had been longing for.

- Kara S.

The Cleanse taught me how to eat for my body. I learned what foods were a trigger for the cystic acne I suffered from my whole adult life. I was able to implement the tools I learned beyond the cleanse and now have clear skin! Seriously, this Cleanse changed my life. It's absolutely brilliant and I am so thankful for it.

- A.H.

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