Do you have an Inner Food Rebel?

Is there anyone you know who likes to be told what to do?

Following a diet or eating the way your “in shape” cousin or co-worker eats is essentially letting someone else TELL YOU what to do.  We can do it for a while, but eventually our inner rebel will step out in defiance and say Noooooooo!

I don’t believe that is a bad thing. I also don’t believe we SHOULD do anything we are told, at least not simply because someone else says so (if you haven’t noticed, red heads have an inner rebel on steroids).

What I do believe, and what I am breaking the lid open on, is that you already know how to eat for your body, and even how to move for your optimum level of health … you just may not remember.

I love to watch little kids, often the adorable neighbors who live next door to me, because they are still connected to their inner knowing. They don’t just say yes because everyone else is eating something. If they don’t want it or it doesn’t “resonate” (yeah, I know they have no clue what that word means) ..they just say no and ask “what else do you have?” :-).

At some point we all had that inner sense of knowing what foods were best for us. Many of my clients with dairy sensitivities actually remember trying to refuse milk when they were young, but that was usually met with such disapproval and unrelenting force, “you must drink your milk or you cannot leave the table”, that they ultimately just drank the milk.  There began their disconnect with their intuitive guidance around food. They were reprogrammed to think that “someone else” knew better than they did.  What an amazing moment when they received their test results, sometimes after 30+ years of drinking milk obediently, and realized they had known it was not great for them all along.

What if getting healthy, thin, vibrant or whatever your goal is .. was just about figuring out the right foods for YOU. What if that way of eating is totally different from your “in shape” cousin or co-worker? What if … dun dun dun .. it is actually the way you would most ENJOY eating, and wouldn’t even feel like hard work or deprivation!

Yes, I know. You sometimes eat really unhealthy stuff. You sometimes overeat. Because of that, you don’t really trust yourself to make decisions about the healthiest foods for your body. You wonder if your intuitive guidance would keep telling you to eat junk, making you even more unhealthy or overweight.  Slow that thinking. Take a deep breath. The answer is no, you are not inherently a danger to yourself. You may have cravings or habits that do not serve you, but much of that may actually be coming from the “should” game + deprivation + malnutrition + food stress. You may fear that if you let go of the RULES around eating you might lose control completely and eat junk 24×7. You might actually be afraid of the freedom to choose your food. Please do not let fear keep you prisoner. I am here to tell you that my work with my clients is proving that letting go of the “shoulds” does not lead to chaos or junk food binges. I am seeing something completely different – a return to the self, a re-connection. People are discovering this amazing technology that they have owned all their lives, but forgot to turn on. They are finding the answers to questions about their weight, their health issues, and how to best serve themselves and they are stunned at how much easier it is to follow through, to be consistent, to make the right choices. Do you see why? Because no one else is telling them what to do!  They are reconnecting to their own personal power, not handing it over to a diet book or Bootcamp Drill Sergeant. They are listening .. and they are remembering.

Does this sound Crazy?  No calorie counting? No strict menu plans? No rules? No box or lines to color in?

You might think so at first. But try these 2 exercises and see what happens for you.

  1. Uncovering your “Most Important Thing”: Find a comfortable space where you can close your eyes and breathe for 5 minutes. Don’t worry about the mind chatter, just keep breathing, slowing the breath, little by little. Check in with your body from head to toe, scan your muscles, notice and release any tension or gripping. Allow yourself to settle into the present moment. When your breath is slow and steady, bring your focus inside your body, and imagine a place where you have all the wisdom you need. Notice where you imagine that to be. Is there an image that presents itself?  From the awareness of that space inside you, ask the question “What is the most important thing I can do for my health right now?”.   Continue to breath and be patient, allowing an answer to come forward.  You may picture another image, or hear the words in your head, or just have a strong feeling.  Whatever comes. .. pay attention. Notice as much as you can, and bring your new awareness or guidance into your breath – taking one more nice deep, full belly breath and one more nice deep exhale. Then open your eyes, and write down “The Most Important Thing”.
  1. Finding your YES foods!  Following the same process above for connecting to a softer state of being and coming into the present moment, ask the question “What foods are most nourishing to my cells and organs?”  Continue to breathe as you notice images or answers to the question come into your mind. If you find that only one or two foods come, ask the question this way “Is chicken nourishing to my cells and organs?” and see if you get a strong sense of YES or NO.  Don’t censor. Whatever is the first response is the most intuitive response. Just take it.

The first time you do something like this, you may not trust it. I know I didn’t. But if you trust me, do it anyway, and keep doing it.  Over time you will see that the more connected you get to your inner guidance, the more clear your answers will become, and the more RIGHT ON that guidance will prove to be.

So if you have struggled with staying “on track” or following the food rules –  how about looking at it as if you may have a stronger sense of intuition than you realize? Maybe your inner rebel is trying to tell you something (and not just sabotage your health goals). Maybe your body needs to be heard and honored. Maybe you are following way too many rules in your life and food is the one place you can push back without causing a conflict (with anyone else). Acknowledge your own wisdom and take steps to get in touch with what truly feels right and healthy for you and let your inner rebel be heard. You are still in control of your choices.

If you embrace this my dear friend, and allow yourself to take intuitive baby steps toward healthier eating, your relationship with food will change to be more nourishing and supportive of your body (without the white knuckles), and your relationship with yourself will change too, as you recognize and respect your own sense of knowing what is right for you!

And that would be just beautiful!

-Kelly Lang, CHC

Live Free & Dream

For more support on getting in touch with your Inner Food Rebel and/or your intuition about how to eat, please join me at one of my upcoming workshops, or contact me directly for a private coaching session.

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