Don’t Give Up — Just Surrender

Surrender is the first step toward freedom

That most certainly sounds like an oxymoron, especially if you are thinking in terms of war time protocols. Surrender most certainly did not equal freedom for a foot soldier.

However, if we step off the battlefield and look at the wars we fight with ourselves, perhaps we can see how surrender can be freeing.

Whether you have been in a struggle to lose weight, improve your finances, release anxiety or overcome an addiction, there can be times when you think it’s pointless. No matter what you do or how hard you try, or how long you have struggled, things just seem to get worse, not better.  Anger and frustration mount as you feel victimized by life. Your energy is drained and your vibration is low.  Every day feels like another battle, another attempt to muster the energy to fight.

This is often when we think about throwing in the towel, giving up hope and forgetting about the dream or vision that we once had of a life of freedom. That vision might be of a healthy body, moving freely and with ease, or it might be a vision of financial freedom, peace of mind, or joy.

The key in these moments is not to give up on our dream or vision but rather to Surrender our need to fight for it.  If you truly believe in your dream and have faith, then it becomes easier and easier to surrender, without giving up. You can let go of the need to control, and the need to work so hard at it.  That letting go is such a huge release, such a weight lifted that people often feel immediately lighter.

When my clients who desire weight loss finally say “I just don’t want to stress over food anymore” or “There are more important things in life than counting calories”, I know they are ready to surrender.  That doesn’t mean they have given up on their goals, or eating healthy, but they are finally ready to take a different approach, an approach that is kinder to themselves, more patient and more based in the awareness that it doesn’t have to be sooooooo hard.

Lately in my coaching work I have been inspiring my clients to put down the boxing gloves and look at the underlying road blocks to manifesting their dreams. Perhaps they are dieting (yuck word) and exercising appropriately, but maybe their stress is through the roof. That is a perfect equation for weight gain.  Rather than swim upstream agains that current, we might actually relax their workouts a bit and find more ways to de-stress. If paying super close attention to their food is stress inducing – guess what — yup — we relax that a bit too.

Surrender is only difficult if you think it is all on your shoulders. Usually .. you are a bit of a control freak. If you don’t get it done, it won’t get done.  But that is not the truth.  If you are connected to your source, your higher power and the wisdom within you — then it’s not all about doing, doing doing. Instead, your challenge or struggle might be more about trusting enough to not do. Surrender is believing that there are other forces at play and that anything is possible. Surrender is trusting that it is going to happen but not having to be in control of HOW it happens.

This was one of the hardest things for me. When I was trying to lose weight I worked HARD at it. I had a super restrictive diet, spent 3 hours in the gym every single day (serioulsy – how did I ever have time for that??). And guess what?  I gained weight.

It wasn’t until I surrendered the control freak regimen and just decided to eat healthy and exercise in a “normal” fun way, that the weight came off.  Now, mind you, I had to believe it could happen. I had to trust that my body was able to be healthy again. I had to let go of the fear that not working so hard would mean failure.

I just want you to think about how hard you are working or how much of a fight you are putting up, for whatever you desire, and just imagine if there is a way to get there without those closed fists.  Is it possible to surrender, without giving up?  Is it possible that financial freedom can come without working 90 hours a week? Is it possible that surrendering your stress to God or the Universe will actually allow you to feel better (yes, that one I know for sure!).

So the next time you are ready to GIVE UP … picture the vision of your dream, see it and feel it and then Surrender with trust.


Kelly Lang


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