Feeling Beautiful Naturally

kellynomakeup2Kelly Lang, May 4, 2016

This is me .. first thing in the morning .. with no makeup – nada.  That’s really how I like to roll ..and finally at 47 I can do it without feeling naked or super self conscious. I remember the first time I was forced to get comfortable with an undressed face – I was on my way to teach a class, and had remembered everything except my makeup bag (yup, I put my makeup on in the car).  There was no time to stop at the store for a new mascara or lip stick since I was running late and I had to come to the painful conclusion that it was more important to be on time, than to look good.  Truth is ..that was one of the best classes I ever taught.  Not having any makeup forced me to remember that it wasn’t about ME, or my appearance, but that I was there to share something – a piece of knowledge or a piece of my story that might help someone else find their optimum health, or at least the first step toward it.  I had to summon confidence that had nothing to do with how I looked (usually what I fell back on) and I had to believe that I truly had something worthwhile to share.

The funny thing is that the more I began to shift my priorities from “looking good” to “doing good” the more comfortable and confident I became in my own skin. I started to really feel good on the inside, and I think that actually took the place of all the makeup.  Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes like to “dress up” and put on a little makeup. Mind you, it is always the most naturally, toxin free formulation I can find, but it’s a great feeling to know that I can still feel good about myself without it.  I love the Jane Iredale line of mineral makeup but you can check out others, some with even better ratings in the EWG Skin Deep database.

Today my “beauty” regimen has a lot more to do with what I eat, and how I nourish my skin as opposed to how I might cover or change it.  As a pale, freckly red head, I am finally ok with showing my skin – as is – since that is the real me and that’s all I want to be.

You can learn about some of my other natural beauty tips by checking out my Essential Oils Recipes or attending one of my upcoming Events.  Beauty begins on the inside!




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