Less Weight, More Money

It’s January. The month of abundant bellies and lean bank accounts.

November and December are the months of eating and spending, so it’s no wonder that many of us are wishing to have less in the area of bodily abundance and more in the way of financial abundance right now. Just imagine if you could convert your excess weight into money and deposit that into your bank account. How cool would that be? Ok .. that’s silly. But it would be cool.

The truth is, the very same methods of releasing excess weight can be used to manifest abundance. I realized this while preparing for a class on abundance this week. You see typically I spend the month of January and even February helping my clients “dig out” from the holiday weight gain slump. But this year I find that I am talking with just as many people about the financial slump of feeling “lack”, or feeling the need to get their “spending” under control in just the same way they want to get their “eating” under control.

So here are just a few of the things that I have learned and that have worked for me in both of these areas. I’m sorry if they sound bossy – but I want you to get the point quickly so you don’t have to spend all day reading this!

Call out Your Fears

Yes, when we gain weight at the holidays or spend too much money, it stirs up some or all of our deep seeded, hidden fears:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I can’t stick with healthy eating or exercise
  • I will never have enough money
  • I am meant to be overweight -it’s my destiny
  • Life will always be a struggle
  • I don’t deserve a lean body
  • I always fail
  • Money is hard to come by
  • It’s too hard to get healthy

    Now when I say “call out” your fears, I’m talking 5th grade style – outside, after school, with fists ready. (I’m such a toughy). Seriously though – have a chat with these fears and decide if you really want to let them push you around, rule your life and determine who you are going to be! Challenge each and every fear by saying “Is this really true?”. Some might be .. and you can deal with those .. but most probably are not.

    Focus on What you Want

    If you don’t want the spare tire around your belly – stop saying “uggh .. I have a spare tire around my belly.”. Stay focused on what YOU DO want. Imagine your lean belly, how it will look and how it will feel. If you want more money in the bank – imagine that – don’t complain or tell other people that you are broke. Stop affirming what you don’t want and start saying the things that will affirm what you DO want. Yes it may seem a little crazy but do it anyway! Keep your mind positive by focusing on what you want to CREATE! If you keep affirming what you don’t have you will attract more of the same into your life.

    Start affirming what you desire
  • I am on a healthy path again!
  • I am attracting abundance with ease
  • I am healthy and beautiful (yes you are)
  • I am safe, secure and provided for
  • Money comes easily and often

    Believe Before You See

    You can affirm that you are healthy or abundant by using daily affirmations like those above but just as important is allowing yourself to believe that your desire is on its way to you! Your present reality will try to bring you back into fear and worry so you have to be diligent and faithful. TRUST that health and prosperity are your destiny. One way to do this is to say Thank You before it happens. “Thank you for my healing” “Thank you for my financial abundance”. Every single day may present a challenge or multiple challenges to this. Stay the course of believing!

    Be in Right Alignment

    Whether you are trying to lose weight or make more money – check in with your WHY? What is the reason for this desire? Is your reason in right alignment? Are you trying to prove something to a co worker or a relative or do you want to be recognized or attain superiority? If you desire to release weight so that you can be healthier, more engaged and positive with your family, or because of how it will allow you to serve your purpose in the world better – yahooo — that is right alignment. If you want to attain prosperity so you can provide for your family, give more to charity or make a difference in the world – yahooo again. Check in with your why. The stronger and more pure your intention – the more support you will receive in manifesting your desire.

    I am not an expert in your body or your life but YOU ARE. These are just a few tips that have worked for me in re-training my mind and raising my vibration. I hope they help you to find some of your own!

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