Live Free & Dream


​In a straightforward manner and with caring guidance, Coach Lang gently nudges the reader on a path toward self-realization. Using the synergies of body and mind control, living one's dreams can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. "Live Free" offers a practical workbook format that helps to identify, visualize and manifest one's true desires. This book is a vehicle of self empowerment.

- John

This is an inspirational book with the power to assist in break through behaviors. I very much want to live a healthier life with an emphasis on positive thinking and love Kelly Lang's step by step approach to looking at my mental road blocks. I've been working at a women's prison and can only imagine the impact this book will have on their lives!
- Billy

Wherever you are on your own personal journey: starting out, still searching, or on the path, this book will meet you where you are and give you the tools and encouragement to continue your journey with greater focus and more confidence. The worksheets are incredibly useful tools for reflection that I rely on every day. I reread the book whenever I need a reminder or a boost, and it never disappoints.
- Sofenite