The Way to Freedom

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As a child in the 70s I remember my older sister Cheryl singing the song “Freedom” from Shenandoah. I can still hear it in my head: “You can’t get to freedom by riding on a train …” Fortunately Cheryl had a good voice.

Hearing that song from someone I admired and respected as much as my Valedictorian sister, must have made an impact since the notion of freedom has long been a running theme in my life and here I am today, living in a state whose motto is “Live Free or Die.”

That being said, my approach to freedom has rarely been the carefree, potentially irresponsible gypsy like approach you might expect, but instead I have simply had the internal sense that it was ok to beat to my own drum.  I didn’t stand out from the crowd or assert my independence but rather quietly knew that I could make my own choices, do my own thing, have my own beliefs and create my own life.

Freedom is Your Birth Right

Do you feel like a prisoner in your own life? While you may have good reason for the way you feel, I am here to remind you of your undeniable right to be free! Maybe you are working at a job that is unfulfilling or unhealthy or maybe you feel trapped in a body that is not healthy or maybe you feel stuck in your personal growth.  It doesn’t really matter what form of imprisonment you feel. The first step toward freedom begins by realizing that none of those things are holding you prisoner as much as what is going on in your mind. Changing your perception, recognizing that everything in your life is a choice, and being willing to take responsibility for everything is how the seeds of freedom are planted.

What do you desire to Live Free from?

Do you feel tied up by financial stress? Does your state of health feel like an anchor weighing you down?  Are self limiting beliefs holding you back from your true life purpose?

We all have the inherent desire to be free, and I believe we all deserve it. That doesn’t mean we run off and join the next band of gypsies, but it can mean that we take small steps toward becoming our most authentic selves. We can try honoring what is really important to us, and showing the world who we really are. As we do that, our spirits wake up, we feel inspired and hopeful and more positive .. and our sense of freedom comes alive. We are then more encouraging to others, and more excited to see those we love embracing their own authenticity.

This is what I wish for everyone .. to have that sense of freedom to be who you really are, to go after your dreams, and to experience every bit of joy in life you can!

Let’s Go For It

My goal is to remind you that you deserve to be free and I’ll support and encourage you to take the steps that lead you in that direction. Join me .. and let’s Live Free!


Kelly Lang – 2016

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